Business Consultancy for Effective and Efficient Organizational Structures


Better avoid surprises - smart bundling

“Many companies consider to build up centralized service units. Few have reached a truly satisfying setup”

Experience shows that “just” centralizing is not a guarantee for sustainable efficiency. To avoid surprises, the highly dependent mechanisms influencing organizational performance need to assessed and applied in the best possible way.

Our offering:

We offer cross-industry experience in setting of centralized units in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and automotive.

Our cross functional experience comprises business management and support, finance and IT.

We have a strong track record throughout all phases: strategy and feasibility, design and alignment, implementation.

Project samples:

  • Assessing, designing and implementing centralized structures in a variety of setups: shared service centers, centers of excellence, outsourcing partnerships
  • Several engagements in leading the development of target processes and organizational setup for international corporations